Thursday, July 27, 2017

Necro Portal RPG

Necro Portal RPG 

"Advancing upon the final flight of bone cobbled steps, you come within arms reach of the orb of Necrotep resting on a sandstone block. As your arm trembles greedily to take the jewel of darkness, the sound of clattering boots approaches from the blackness far down the steps behind you."

Kick down dungeon doors across the darkened realms of the necroverse! In Necro Portal RPG we uncover the cryptic language of the dark wizards, and break the seals of enchantment barring the would-be adventurer from hordes of treasure.

To uncover the riches of the diabolical world of the undead, our heroes (or villains) must discover hidden portals routed across cemeteries, ancient tombs, forsaken ruins, and forgotten battlefields.

Discover the secret language of the necromancer elite, and delve deep into the forbidden lore of Murol, the goddess of portals.

Necro Portal RPG is on sale for $9.99, and reads well on your Kindle or iPad, as a matter of course!

 This portal role-playing book follows the path on the elemental wheel of the polarity of salt, as well as the powers of venom. To begin this saga of Necro portals, we must recognize the deity responsible for the creation of the first necromancer's portal. Mural is her name. 

Murol is the goddess of portals in the Nine Portals RPG Necroverse. This deity is the link in a growing chain of portal lore which bridges the gap between fantasy and technical details in role playing with portals. Read the Lore and Introduction to this marvelous new addition to the role-playing fantasy world:

Teleportation technology is man's greatest triumph over the realms. Wielding the power of the gods, man has now claimed a new frontier beyond the space/ time continuum. A new era of quasi-worlds and virtual realms has made it possible for humankind to reach up into the higher planes of existence in a parallel [multi] dimensional construct known to the high-tech civilizations as a slip-gate. 

All the wonders of the universe are now open to humanoids of all races [and other species]. But, alas, so are the horrors of the deepest and darkest abysses in the ultimate void. 

Our first unforeseen consequence of this portal technology begins with the story of Talos. 

Above is my first printout and sketch of the portals manual for necromancers. The title is Necro Portal RPG: The Goddess of Portals. 

In this wondrous volume on role-playing with portals, Necro Portal takes us into the dark realms wherein all fantasy characters are subject to the laws of diabolical technology, insidious magic, and sardonic sorcery. Whereas most of Nine Portals books are presented in an open-ended fashion, featuring the multitude of portals and portal constructs, this particular volume is truly for the necromancer character and the game master who delves in the darker corners of role-playing games. 

Read this first volume of Necro Portal, and learn how Murol turned away from the All-Father, Alu, his son and the King of the Golden Age, Gygatherion, and betrayed even her mother, the goddes Venom, for immortality and power. This is a manual for strategically placing necro portals and networks of diabolical portals in a fantasy adventure game, as well as a lush volume of lore about the goddess of portals.