All things Gygax... the creator of role-playing games.

Read the book Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons & Dragons , by Michael Witwer. This book details the adventurous and very human life of one of the world's most creative and influential game creators in the world--E. Gary Gygax!

Frank Mentzer Video 4 the legacy of Gary Gygax ...
In this video, Frank Mentzer talks about who Gary Gygax really was as a good man, and a man who changed the world of fantasy-adventure.

Frank Mentzer's official game site...

Tim Kask and Ernie Gygax talk about old school sensibilities. Watch video.

You can donate to the Gary Memorial if you have the funds. Watch this video with Frank Mentzer.

DnD's legacy lives on through Gygax Magazine, operated by Luke Gygax.  

Bookmark Troll Lord Games. Great adventure of TSR style continues here.

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