Map of the elemental doors

There are nine major portals of power existing in the entire universe. First came the ice portal. Next came the fire portal. Of these portals the giants traversed the realms before the birth of our human world. The giants built other portals from these giant portals, and helped the gods form the nexus--the tree of worlds.

From these two polarities of fire and ice came the secondary portals. Poison or death, yeast, metal, water came forth into the universe of existence from the ultimate void of the dreaming gods. These secondary elements formed the ultimate element of earth, where all possibilities for life were imagined into existence.

Of these major portals there are some variations called lesser portals. The most common variation is the chaos portal, which allows the operator or travelers to bypass the laws of the major elemental polarities. For this portal stems from the great unknown, and the essence of the ultimate void of the which even the gods were born from.

The main portals to consider are provided as follows.

Water. These portals allow travelers to enter or exit from aquatic realms, or to travel between thresholds where water is present.

Fire. These giant portals allow the adventurer to enter infernal realms, or to travel between thresholds where elemental fire is strong.

Metal. The most commonly used portal among many civilized worlds. The metal portal will transport adventurers to places of technology, or to places where metal is magically imbued with the power of teleportation.

Necro. These portals are shunned, if ever discovered. The necro portal yawns its bone cobbled arch before the world of the undead, and leads through secret burrows beneath the tombs of accursed kingdoms, the haunted graves of forsaken warriors and kings, and to the secret dens of the necromancer elite.

Diabolic. None enter this portal by choice. Diabolic portals are orifices to colossal entities who disguise themselves as portals of stonework or earthy texture. Adventurers who wander too close to these inter-dimensional horrors are often grappled in by demonic tentacles or visages of unspeakable monstrosities.

Chaos. The chaos portal is used by mages to traverse the realms, and bypass rules for elemental portals. As well, a chaos portal can transport a player character to any place on the same map where a beacon has been planted for the portal exit. More details are in my book, Ultimate Portal Masters Guide.

Every portal in my latest Ultimate Portal Master's Guide is given great detail in operation, material, hit points, and lore, all represented in a number of schematics. See Ultimate Portal Master's Guide on Amazon's Kindle.

Some portals open at various times, while others must be operated by magic or technological means.
This portal mechanical fact sheet shows that the metal portal requires a series of keys to open the threshold. There are scrolls to open such doors in some cases where magic is allowed. Rune keys, fuse switches, chaos cards, and mechanical keys are all possible means to lock and secure an owned portal.

Sarcophagus conceals a necro portal, which is detectable by a small stream of water running beneath the threshold, which powers the opening of a portal door. Running water can act as a powerful magic to operate portals. A phantom borg activates to protect the portal's passage from intruders.

This necro portal threshold opens when human skulls are aligned in a pattern of panels near the arch. However, a powerful necronaut emerges to defend this secret entrance to the necromancer's elite stronghold. 

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