No matter which role-playing game you patronize, monsters run the gamut of the adventure. Many games have different rules for combat. Some systems, such as Paladium's Rifts, use a mega damage vs. standard damage hit point system. The decision for how your party deals with variations of monsters from the world of portals is entirely up to you.

The rules that you chose to apply for combat are entirely up to you, the game administrator, and the rules you elect to follow.

This page merely gives you some guidelines to consider, based on popular role-playing games.

portals map and graph paper

However, that being said, there are some rules intended to make portals work better for combat situation included in my books. See the Ultimate Portal Masters Guide for the latest updates in rules and statistics for everything portals.

Nine Portals RPG routers allow for a variety of monsters to be born into your universe.

The most common monsters to come through the portals are rift rogues, portal berserkers, necro borgs, phantom borgs, and necronauts. 

Squanks, diabolic portals, robot tanks, and cyborgs are described in my books on portals.

 The rangers and wanderers of the ultimate void... Rift rogue and portal berserkers, and their enemies, the necromancers:

A rift rogue is a ranger class non-player character. These rangers have traveled through other dimensions and universes extensively enough, that their physical bodies change. Their minds become extraordinary in the ability to detect traps, sense stalkers, and fight without seeing. How you decide to generate the NPC sheet for this kind of character is up to you. Start with a ranger type class, depending upon the game, and then add supernatural effects or alien implants to make the ranger extraordinary. Use your imagination. The NPC has basically lost most of his humanity through his extensive travels, and has become an isolationist, a hermit of sorts. 

Portal berserker
Portal berserkers are dwarves who jump through smash portals (see my published works). These NPC's tend to carry a chaos key, which allows them to open portals which are invisible to most player characters and other NPC's. 

Goblins and hobgoblins, when they emerge from a metal portal wearing power armor, are technologically advanced creatures. These goblins are harder to kill--and they hit harder. Apply power armor for smaller humanoids to configure damage statistics.

Necro borg are undead with cybernetic enhancements, while necro phantoms are undead spirits in flying power armor.

Necro borgs are described in my books. These are cybernetic enhanced undead creatures. 

Phantom borgs are cybernetic enhanced animated armor, usually hosting a phantom or demon (the pilot and operator of the armor). Destroy the armor, and you dispel the hostile spirit NPC.

Necronauts are undead hulks, of juggernaut strength and toughness. The same package for a bone golem or metal golem can be applied, with some cybernetic enhancements. The degree of toughness is determined by the base character behind the cybernetics (ie bone, earth, metal, flesh golem, etc.). 

Monsters like diabolic portals are specified in my book Ultimate Portal Masters Guide. Such entities are classified as supernatural in games like Rifts or Dungeons and Dragons. This means that spells cannot easily dispel or repel these entities. Diabolic portals attack by lashing out with tentacles and claws, which they use to ensnare player characters. The rules for failing a save against this kind of grapple attack, and being drawn into one of these orifices of hell is detailed in my book.

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