Welcome! 9Portals features news on old and new games, mostly retro and RPG's. As well, we offer books on creating portal routers for traditional paper and dice role-playing hobbyists.

Nine Portals/ 9Portals is the threshold between role-playing game styles, genres, and the realms of fantasy-adventure. The maps from different games can be merged using a portal matrix system, outlined by Nine Portals RPG. Nine Portals distributes and sells game portal routers and matrix maps, as well as a wealth of portal lore for fantasy-adventure hobbyists.

To see how 9Portals works as an adventure campaign using between realms/maps, please purchase our featured book for a dollar on 9Portals.com. The featured book for portal masters and gamers is Portal Crisis: Book of Doors.
Portal matrix style e-books are available for Kindle on Amazon or at our bookstore on 9portals.com/bookstore. Read in Kindle or PDF format. 9Portals.com sells most books for 50 cents each.

How to use 9Portals for other role-playing games?

Utilize portal routing charts across multiple maps--and blend genres with confidence!

Nine Portals was created to expand the ordinary role-playing game into the extraordinary collaboration of story telling RPG’s. To accomplish the impossible, 9 Portals makes use of nine greater portals of power and an infinite range of lesser portals, thus greatly expanding the potential for mixing, merging, and configuring RPG genres.

Portals are the bridge between maps. Each portal is plotted on a portal router diagram (portal matrix maps included in our book Portal Masters Guide - Choose from English or Portuguese).
The portal  router document allows the game administrator (the portal master) to access different maps quickly and accurately. In a sense, the game is micro-managed behind the scenes by a series of controlled documents. In the event that some players venture through a portal, while others do not, the game administrator will have little difficulty in maintaining a steady game flow. This is because each map and portal is documented on the portal router diagram/ portal matrix.
Mechanical levers, switches, catapults, spacecraft, and just about anything else can be plotted onto the document as a reference document. The document is given a number or short name, for example Mechanical Documents 101. The portal master knows where to find the document containing the fundamental information about a mechanical apparatus, such as a lever which shuts down a portal from a completely different map. That's because it has been documented well, and more importantly, it is easy to find from the portal matrix!
However, Nine Portals offers more than a means to manage maps, documents, and cross referencing charts. Nine Portals is all about the creative imagination of collaborative story telling. Portals offer a means to greatly expand a game beyond the ordinary box and lid of your basic or advanced game set. Mixing and merging becomes easier, because the portals are redefined by 9Portals.com/portals (more information in our books, however, is necessary to play 9PRPG style games to their full potential).
When the author had first played rifts, during the 90's, he quickly discovered that portals, which were referred to as 'rifts' were not well defined for their properties, and lacked a hierarchy of rules about portals. This, however, has changed since the creation of Thomas P. Walton's 9Portals RPG.
To use portals in fine tuning your game play, read Portal Master's Guide--sold right here at wholesale price (Requires Adobe Reader, free to download from adobe.com).

What else is on 9Portals?

This is the web home of Thomas P. Walton's Rogue-Role-playing games such as 9PRPG, Gothocracy, Zodiacron, Smash Portal, Threshaven, and Portal Crisis.

Here you'll find free maps, journals about old time games, free-to-read fiction, and the nine portals of power (including some lesser portals for linking, merging, and configuring genres from different games, and bridging a variety of maps to create the ultimate role-playing universe).
You will find stories, most of them free, and a good number of personal journals about the author's fun filled memories of the RPG halcyon days. Plus, the author is a fan of many video games, and this site references some good ones to purchase, as well as many, many free online games, and games free to download to your PC or Mac.
Behind the Nine Portals gaming experience is a short story, and we've provided a small bit of it here from Threshaven--where the portals were first born.

The story of the Nine Portals of Power:

Mount Threshaven... Home to the nine portals of power, and the apple of every adventurer’s eye from the known universe.
It is said that long ago  there once was an uncanny rogue-mage venturing the farthest  reaches of the realms. This rogue discovered the secret to unlocking the first of the great doors of Mount Threshaven—a door barring the curious adventurer from the secrets of the RPG universe, until now!
His name is not known, and remains a mystery, even long after the adventurer retired. It is said that he never looked back upon that shunned mountain of doors to places hidden and secret.
Times have changed. And now that the stones of time and space have been entreated by the curious, and the locks and guards intruded upon by the greedy, the power of the portals has reawakened to all RPG realms.
It matters not what world or universe our player characters may adventure in, nor what manner of dungeons wandering monsters lurk. No adventurer will go untouched by the infiltration of the nine portals of power!
Widely, rumor has spread of the portals manifesting here and there, in both the realms of fantastic beasts and the medieval lands of men and dragons. No RPG genre has sanctuary from the power of the nine portals.
The Nine Portals of Power reside in Mount Threshaven within the realm of  Gaiasaar. Therein Gaiasaar was once a great kingdom, driven from power by the cybernetic armies of Trul, and again by the borg from the necroverse. A final battle was fought on the peninsula of Talos, but an unforeseen consequence of firing vorpal weaponry and the necro technology of the borg, a cosmic phenomenon known as a smash portal tore the realm into ruins, leaving fragments of Gaiasaar across multiple universes.

Happy gaming!!!