Sunday, November 1, 2015

Plotting Portals in RPG's

NexusUtilize portal routing charts across multiple maps--and blend genres with confidence! Nine Portals was created to expand the ordinary role-playing game into the extraordinary collaboration of story telling RPG’s. To accomplish the impossible, 9 Portals makes use of nine greater portals of power and an infinite range of lesser portals, thus greatly expanding the potential for mixing, merging, and configuring RPG genres. Portals are the bridge between maps. Each portal is plotted on a portal router document. PortalMatrix2-219x300 PORTAL ROUTER SAMPLESThe portal router document allows the game administrator (the portal master) to access different maps quickly and accurately. In a sense, the game is micro-managed behind the scenes by a series of controlled documents. In the event that some players venture through a portal, while others do not, the game administrator will have little difficulty in maintaining a steady game flow. This is because each map and portal is documented on the portal router diagram/ portal matrix. Mechanical levers, switches, catapults, spacecraft, and just about anything else can be plotted onto the document as a reference document. The document is given a number or short name, for example Mechanical Documents 101. fireportal schematicPortals may be considered mechanical constructs, particularly when a mechanical means of activating, accessing, or powering a portal is required. Complex thresholds like the fire portal may require some specs for operation, skills, combat, and other rules of which can apply to portals in various RPG's. (Attributes, hit points, weight, and dimensions of a portal's threshold are outlined in Ultimate Portal Master's Guide). The portal master knows where to find the document containing the fundamental information about a mechanical apparatus, such as a lever which shuts down a portal from a completely different map. That's because it has been documented well, and more importantly, it is easy to find from the portal matrix! However, Nine Portals offers more than a means to manage maps, documents, and cross referencing charts. Nine Portals is all about the creative imagination of The Storyteller's Thesaurus . Portals offer a means to greatly expand a game beyond the ordinary box and lid of your basic or advanced game set. Mixing and merging becomes easier, because the portals are redefined by (more information in our books, however, is necessary to play 9PRPG style games to their full potential).

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