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Glossary of the Nine Portals

This glossary is for personal use only. All rights belong to Thomas P. Walton. 
Aesirion: The shrine to Alu and the elder gods in the Gaia Saar, and in the home of King Futharion.
Agnus, continent of: The fiery realm beneath the land and sea of Gaia Saar. Agnus is surrounded by a subterranean sea of lava. The entire continent of Agnus is pitted with tunnels.
Aldus was also a scribe and scholar in Talos.
Aldus: Elder mage, wizard, and head priest of the order of Alu.
Alu: The elder god of the gods. Alu created the portals of refinement (those portals intended to aid in reshaping chaos into order in the universe).
Aquatic realms: These are worlds made mostly or entirely of water.
Arch, portal: The arch over a portal entrance.
Asgandor: Mystical sage and scribe from the order of Talos. Asgandor discovered the continent of Agnus buried far below the realm of Gaia Saar.
Biomechatronic: Biological, mechanical, electronics as applied to organisms, instruments, gadgets, assemblies, and devices.
Chaos computers: Random data generating computers with semi self-awareness.
Chaos key/ keycard: A portal key that works to activate, operate, unlock or secure chaos portals.
Construct: A created object with a specific purpose or identity. In portal terms, a construct is a physical component or counterpart of an energy portal.
D’Hern: The race of necromancers from the necroverse, who came to Talos from the far eastern ridge of Salamander Canyon.
Diabiscus: The atrium to the tunnels under Mt. Threshaven. Seedraum vault’.
Diablocleus: The planet body of pure evil created from the first void portal of diabolism.
Draum Vault: Dream room. The portal room to places long bygone. The draum vault is the retro-maniac’s paradise.
Event horizon: The point of no return within the force field of a portal.
Futharion: Greatest king of Gaia Saar.
Gaia city: The city of the king, Futharion.
Gaia Saar: Planet and home-world to Gaians, and the kingdom of Lord Futharion.
Goblinoid: Goblin like creature.
GREATER portals: those portals which are used to call upon the forces of the primary portals, summon monsters from other dimensions, and traverse to other galaxies or universes.
Gygatherion: Son of Alu. Father of Futharion. Grandfather of Othelan. Started the first divine bloodline in Gaia Saar. One of the good giants.
Infernal realms: These are worlds made of fire and brimstone.
Lava realms: The infernal lakes of the underworld realms.
Lore: The combined history, mythology, religious beliefs, mysticism, and culture of a people.
Malaar: The scribe and scholar of Talos. Malaar is best remembered for defeating lord Truul, and for having survived the first smash portal in the known universe.
Mecha Men: Mechanized humans. Cyborg converts.
Mechanized: Mechanically altered, augmented, converted, or enhanced objects or organisms.
Necrocracy: The absolute rule of the necromancer elite, a guild of evil wizards who practice unholy sorcery and super-science.
Necromancer Elite: See Necrocracy.
Necromancer: Diviners of the dead. The evil wizards who set lose the undead upon Gaia Saar. The necromancers created monstrosities of dark sorcery and super-science.
Necroverse: A virtual world weaved over the quasi-realm of the undead. The necroverse is home to both monsters and necromancers. The openings to the necroverse are often hidden in cemeteries and other houses of the dead.
Othelan: Son of King Futharion.
Pendulum (mechanism): A weight attached to a length of cord. In portal construction these oscillating instruments indicate when a portal threshold is open or closed (active/ inactive).
Port Caladrake: The shipyard south of the peninsula of Talos.
Portal berserker: Dwarven warriors who dive into smash portals and necro portals to pursue and vanquish all evil in the known universe.
Portal lore: The history and mythology of all portals, from the modern time to the primordial.
Portal wizard: Masterful magician of portal magic.
Portal: An opening in the fabric of space/ time. A breach through barriers via magical doors. A magical opening between two separate (distant) places.
PRIMARY portals: the first four portals in the hierarchy of portal archetypes.
PRIMORDIAL portals: The nine portals created as conduits for the energy of the gods to flow into the universe, thereby organizing chaos into order.
Rift rogue: Rangers who wander the uncharted realms of the cosmos, as a result of traversing portals. These lone-wolf fighters have become less human in their multi-dimensional travels. Usually beginning as a quest to save their home-world, a rift rogue sets out on a journey that ends up changing his/ her perception of the purpose and meaning of life, space, and time.
Rift: Literally a tear in the fabric of space/ time.
SECONDARY portals: the second group of four portals in the hierarchy of portal archetypes.
Skol-braun (phrase): A toast for brown ale.
Smash portal: A colossal portal. This portal eats all, and distorts all space and time that it does not devour.
Talos: Home to the good wizards of Gaia Saar. The temple of Alu resided in Talos, under the care of the arch mage, Aldus.
Teleportation technology: Technology which is either enhanced by teleportation means, or technology that has developed new means of teleportation.
Terra-X: The tenth greater portal discovered, and also the dark moon of the diabolical planet, Diablocleus. Mining on the Diablocleus, and portal magic on Terra-X, is a rumor spreading throughout the realms among portal wizards.
Threshaven: The first physical manifestation of the portals on the human world was the ancient mountain of Threshaven. The mountain is the entrance of the gods to the earth and home-world of Gaia Saar.
Threshold: A place that is neither here nor there. In terms of portals, it is the point at which one is no longer in either realm. To cross the threshold is to no longer exist in either world. Exiting the threshold is basically being teleported to the other end of the portal.
Truul, Lord: The evil son of Alu’s bloodline. Mutated by the daughters of Venom, Truul murdered his cousins. Truul was the first enemy to conquer Gaia Saar. One of the evil giants who started the bloodline of the goblinoids, trolls, and ogres in Gaia Saar.
Uber: Super (power).
Ultimate Magic, High Magic, Low Magic: Ultimate magic is that magic which is beyond the first two level preceding it. High magic is generally working with conjuration and summoning of spirits. Low magic is essentially healing and natural divination.
Ultra-phobic horror/ terror: The point beyond unreasonable fear. Total pandemic breakdown of the senses.
Undead: Raised from the dead as non-living, hostile and carnivorous, entities.
Veximus, Conrad: The cyborg emperor. Veximus conquered Gaia Saar to save Gaia Saar, but ultimately was involved in the final destruction of his homeland.
Vorania: Wife of Gygatherion, and lady for the eastern realm.
Zorbos: An asteroid world or system of moons surrounding a black sun. This system was partially created by the destruction of Talos on Gaia Saar.
This glossary is for personal use only. All rights belong to Thomas P. Walton. 

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