Monday, December 28, 2015

New PORTALS MANUAL for RPG Goes Kindle

The new Portals Manual by Nine Portals RPG Supplements is on the Amazon market for eBooks for role-playing gamers and fantasy adventure collectors. This is truly the BEST RPG GUIDE TO PORTALS that you will ever find on the web! And this book was written by the original writer of portals for role-playing games, featuring concepts developed from 2008 to 2015--A long ride to ultimate creative perfection. This 131 page ebook features all you need to know about portals, and is designed as a guide and book of lore for Dungeon Masters and Game Administrators of all role-playing styles and genres. It is with great pleasure that I release this book on first and foremost, for their great support of independent authors.

This new book features myriad portals, both lesser and greater, with dynamic properties. Additional character conversions relevant to portal traveling is included, along with NEW SPELLS for NECROMANCERS and PORTAL WIZARDS!!!


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