Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Portals Manual for RPG and Fantasy Adventure!

The NEW version of your ultimate guide to using portals in role-playing games is Portals Manual. It's like a monsters manual, but it is for portals. Just shy of 200 pages, this Kindle version recognizes the primordial hierarchy in portals, boasts rich lore on the gods and the giants who built the first universal portals, including 40+ miscellaneous portals, rules for portals in operation (including specs) and combat (stats), and new spells and monsters relevant to elemental and chaos portals. Just under 3 dollars today.

Download the new Portals Manual for $2.98 on Amazon Kindle! This deal is for a limited time.

With the new portals manual game masters can easily create portal routers, reference matrix charts, and keep track of bountiful adventures with dynamic control documents, a feature provided only by 9Portals, the original creator of portal systems for role-playing games!

As part of this special publication, the Portals Manual includes new NPC encounters for specific portals, and conversions for player characters (Including mutations and supernatural transmutations). Join the borg or necromancer elite, and create prestige class characters, fully capable of traversing the evil dimensions of the necroverse or the technological realms of the cyborg rangers. Explore both traditional Dungeons and Dragons style portals and elemental/ chaos portals in this volume of lore and strategy.

PORTALS MANUAL is the one and only guide to portals for all of your favorite RPG's! 

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