Sunday, February 14, 2016

Threshaven Original RPG Maps for Portal Masters and Fantasy Gamers

The following maps were created by Thomas P. Walton for Nine Portals Fantasy Adventure RPG.
Mt. Threshaven illustrated by Frederic Havez (FHC).

 Zorbos and Threshaven inter-connected maps


Threshaven is the birthplace of the nine portals of power. The first appearance of the portal hub was recorded by the sage Malaar on the planet once known as Gaiasaar, but which exists now primarily as the shattered moons of Zorbos, the asteroid belt which marks the beginning of the deepest reaches of space.

The first map is the moon base HQ and command center in the region of outer-space known as Zorbos I. This moon base is a hub to all other (known) portals in this region of space.

The second map is the overview of the halls of Threshaven. It is merely one concept. Threshaven may be recreated in a number of ways by the portal master.

The third map is a lower level view of the first tier of the corridors of Threshaven.

The fourth map is the second level of tiers in the under-halls of Threshaven. A trap or portal is located in the center of the nexus of halls. This level of Threshaven is home to the necro portal and metal portal. A series of encounters are indicated in the map key.

The fifth map is the prayer room located in the Temple of the Dark Ones, as indicated on the Threshaven overview map.

The sixth map is the secret chamber of the Temple of the Dark Ones. There is a corridor of beacons, water nodes, and pillars between the two portals on this map (Slip gate on the left. Water portal on the right.).

The seventh map is an overview of the hidden hydro portal.

The eighth map is another variant of the under halls of Threshaven.

The ninth map: Tunnel access mechanical fact sheet.

The tenth map is the second HQ, controlled by the machine men (enemies of humanity), which is located in that section of space known as Zorbos II.

The eleventh map is the mechanical cube base of the machine men. This massive, mega damage construct is located in the ultimate void. A teleportation platform at the center of the map is linked to the previous map of Zorbos II.

Random tunnel map generated on the right. This linear map has a few options for entry/ exit points, and encounters with NPC's.

This portal matrix demonstrates the approximate non-localized inter-connectivity of the various realms, including Terra X (cube planet), the celestial planes of space, the outer planes of Zorbos, and the elemental planes as potential arrival points for your other portals.

In order to route these portals properly, you'll need this portal router chart, or one similar to it.

The following router demonstrates how routing portals across various maps/ realms is accomplished, as well as what documents contain mechanical or portal specs relevant to the maps.

For those players who really enjoy the necroverse, and the use of necro portals, please implement this router into your quest.

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