Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Epoch of Primordius and the First Diabolic Portal for RPG

Drip. Drop. A distant sound of water falling in a pool somewhere. Perhaps, a well, the black robed figure thought. He followed the sound to an enclosure in the caverns far below the city of Talos. In an alcove the man saw a podium fixed into the brimstone floor with heavy bolts. Upon this surface rested an ebony stone. 

The cowled man examined the stone more closely. It was, it seemed, a perfectly smooth sphere of crystal, placed into a fixture which resembled a nest of serpents intertwined. As the man gazed into the black surface of the stone, he had an uncanny feeling that someone, or some thing, returned his gaze with a vexed malice. 

He could not take his eyes from it. So, the black robed man stood in a sort of trance, fixed upon the beauty and charm of the object. 

It seemed an epoch before the man reflected upon his purpose. 

Adventure is for the young and restless. Treasure is for the self-obsessed materialist. Death is for us all, but what do I care for such things? My purpose is the written word. The word is the only true path to immortality! 

After a time, the man began to feel weary. A sort of tiredness stole over his arms and legs. Then, without warning, something reached out of the stone. It was, in that brief and terrible moment, what had appeared to be an inky, black hand. Six fingers which ended in points like claws had ceased the cowled man, and pulled him in to the stone. 

It was the darkest creature imaginable which confronted the robed man. He gazed into a black space, like an inverted mirror, seeing himself as the terrible creature, whose name is shunned eternal... Primordius! The clawing chaos of the ultimate void. Clawing at nothing, for there was naught to devour in the eternal present of darkness victorious. 

Therein the depths of space, in the recesses of darkness, in the expanse of all time, and in the irony of timelessness, the great enigma of existence was known to Primordius. All was known to him. And then there was nothing. 

Like a spark in the pitch blackness of space, a dream awakened the ancient creature. He stood in the dream, looking around, and at first disoriented, for in one moment he slithered or floated as a primordial force or simple creature, consuming all, and in the next he was a humanoid form. There in the darkness of the caverns under Talos, Primordius walked into the world as a man. Behind him ebbed the powerful currents of the galaxy's first diabolical portal. The portal of Primordius yawned into infinite darkness. 

A cowled, black robed man ascended from the caverns, and strode eagerly into the lively peninsula city of Talos. Vibrant and joyous were the people of Talos. 

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