Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Portal of Bel or Ba'al

While portals in the role-playing system of 9PRPG are entirely fictional, there are sources from history and myth, legend and lore from which we can draw examples from. Such history is about to be made in cities like New York and London very soon. 

An archway from the temple of Baal in Syria is expected to be replicated, and then under construction in New York City in April of 2016. 

For those who haven't read this news, please visit:

And in historical reference, from Wikipedia:

However, there is some history particularly left out of these references. This history which I refer to is that of ancient Erin, known to us now as Ireland. In ancient times, Erin was ruled by the elite class known then as the Druids. The Druids opened portals of some kind in their gloomy groves, wherein they sacrificed the Irish to their god(s) Bel. It is believed that this god may be the same fiery spirit from the Far East, which the Spanish may have encountered before the Irish came under rule of the oppressive Druid elite. In the last days, in the 1600's A.D., if I remember correctly my studies of Erin, the last battle between the Irish Christians and the Druids was fought fiercely, ending with the victory of the Irish people. Then, came the Danes, which ensued more wars for the Irish. Yet, in their preoccupations, it may very well be that the Christians did not cleanse or banish Bel from those wicked groves of the Druids. This is entirely possible, because when the next season came round when Bel's sacrifices were ordinarily performed by the Druids, and there being no Druids left in power after the conversion of the arch Druid by Saint Patrick, and the final wars fought in Erin, there came a great storm which punished the people of Ireland. Over time, however, this was forgotten. History became legend, and legend became myth. 

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