Friday, March 18, 2016

Linear and Orbital Portal Routing Maps for RPG Fantasy Adventure

"Charge in! Break down dungeon doors! Or, seek ancient enigmas across thresholds! Linear/orbital RPG routers are different devices for different campaigns!" 

Create linear maps to run encounters in sequence. Employ linear maps for RPG adventures wherein the campaign must follow a set course of events.

Use orbital (cyclical) maps for role-playing where the universe is a far more complex array of dynamic events, spectacular interdimensional battles, and in the use of portals between numerous maps. 

If your player characters set out on a fantasy adventure quest which requires moving between maps frequently, then chances are you are running a campaign with multiple portals. A linear map is too stringent, and is intended for a low level reference map, say a kingdom or a city. The orbital map is your best friend as the game master in this situation of events, encounters, plot, and so on. 

Implement numerous maps into your role playing game by linking high and low level maps through a documented matrix of portals. 

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