Sunday, March 13, 2016

Necro Portal RPG

Climbing bone cobbled steps up to a crystal skull resting on a Dias, you sense evil behind you!

Heads up! I am working on the next epic book for Nine Portals. And this one is all about our favorite portal. Necro portals! 

Well, my favorite portal class anyhow! 

Here's what I have as a teaser for you all so far. Happy reading! 

Necro Portal 
By Thomas P. Walton
Prepared by Thomas Walton for Nine Portals RPG

The infinite void is the ultimate potential for creation, manifestation, and the birth of new universes. Of all universes none is so dreadfully feared by the mortal races than the infamous Necroverse. 

The Necroverse exists as a quasi universe, a sort of virtual world laid over the realm of the dead. In this verse the necromancers elite reigns supreme. However, this Necroverse is not independent of other worlds. Rather, all mortal realms provide the necessary foundation for which the Necroverse is built upon. 

Spanning infinite realms of man and beast is a network of portals which allow for the necromancers  to enter and exit the lands of the living at will. Hidden in the tombs of kings or in the shunned necropolises or in the graveyards of modern cities are the gates to the Necroverse. 

In this infamous volume, we will explore the realm of mankind's most dreaded enemy, the undead. As a matter of course, this tome of evil fantasy will serve as a manual for game masters to map the Necroverse, plot necro portals in strategic locations, and route teleportation across various maps. 

The peak of your darkest fantasy gaming experience is limited only by your imagination. 

The Lore of Necro Portals
From the essential salt of the dead, a mixture of stone, bone, and sometimes various metals, are combined to create the arch for the entrance to the infamous realm of the undead wizards. The Necroverse must feed from the world of the living, or its magical framework will collapse into the world of the true dead. 

Once there existed the great kingdom of Gaia Saar, which was ruled by the wise and gifted seer King Futharion. It was in the south peninsula of Futharion's kingdom where the necromancers first revealed themselves to the men of Gaia Saar. This peninsula was named Talos. In ancient Talos the wizards of Alu guarded a wealth of ancient knowledge concerning the portals of the original and primordial world before Futharion's ancestry set a throne upon Gaia Saar. The vorpal technology of lord Gygatherion, Futharion's father, was the very power which destroyed the cyborg invaders of Emperor Veximus. However, the interruption of a new player on the battlefield destroyed the entire world. That player was the necromancers elite. 

... Coming soon to RPG books on Amazon. Read Portals Manual first, to gain a thorough understanding of the order of portals, primordial gates, polarities, and other properties of teleportation in RPGaming! 

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