Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Necro Portal RPG: The Goddess of Portals, Core Book One

Publishing a short manual on the Goddess of Portals. This first edition of Necro Portal (not the free one that's been on my web page all this time) is in part a book of lore, and a book of minimal technical specs on a variety of necro portals not previously shared publicly. Bookmark

This shortened manual on necro portals dives into constructs of necromancy for portals in role-playing games (paper and dice games). Necro Portal RPG is just 99 cents on Amazon Kindle.

Read about the gods and goddesses of the primordial planes, and the necro cyborg alliance.And learn about how the portals were made. Make note of tips for including hints and clues for the presence of necro portals--specifically for necromancy themes and plots!

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