Sunday, August 14, 2016

Roll Save Vs. Mind Numbing

1, 2, 3... Evolution or devolution? Or do you recognize the initiative to monopolize on your predictability? For those who arrived at middle earth during the mobile phone culture this consideration may seem nonsensical. The argument can always be made that better technology is always better than the outdated tools of our forebears. This is fundamentally true, but only so much as the person has experienced having not before having. In essence, the man of technology is like a man of great wealth. Yet, to have a broader perspective gives the game master an idea of what true role-playing essentially is. The less tools players have, the more these players must rely upon imagination to build their world. I found this realization especially true when I first progressed from basic Dungeons and Dragons to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. And this is not to say anything wrong about either game style. Both are solid.  In some ways, older gamers coming to a game table are like a minority coming to a new first world nation. We bring with us a certain wisdom and experience which cannot be superseded by plastic print ups or circuit boards. Well, at least not entirely. 

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