Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Para Portals

You heard it first from 9Portals RPG--A Para portal is a cack in the fabric of space/time due to instabilities in the environment caused by an existing portal. In essence, a chaos portal opening for an extended period of time, and over a course of many openings, could cause a temporal rift to open nearby, and within the same vicinity as the original portal of influence. A smash portal, for instance, is a very big--albeit, destructive--para portal which is caused by a time storm phenomenon. 

Para portals can be made into and cast as spells. A para portal spell makes a good getaway spell, and an excellent diversion for when the spell-caster is being pursued by enemies. This is because the para portal opens for a very temporary period of time, typically no more than one or two rounds. 

For more information on the use of portals in role-playing games, please read Portals Manual , by Thomas P. Walton, on Amazon Kindle. 

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