Sunday, October 11, 2015

9 RPG Books Every Portal Master Must Have!

Back in 1980 when I was a seven year old, and during a 2 year stay in Saudia Arabia, I had a lot of time to kill on my hands in a compound nested in the middle of town, surrounded by the sands of endless desert. It was while I was on my summer break from school that a new neighbor moved in to our compound, and brought with them two other children. The brother and sister taught me how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes, I'd travel and think up of new adventures, and the older of the two would plot out some maps. During our course of friendship, I learned to make my own maps. We'd use old paper, sun bathe it, and make it all tattered looking. 

And this hobby has stayed with me for a life-time. 

Now, I create a very different kind of map. My maps are portal routers and matrix charts. Portal routers tell the game administrator or dungeon master what maps portals route to, while matrix charts tell him who owns what kingdom where, and whether or not various portals in that kingdom are know to, used by, and/ or shared between various kingdoms--pacts, feuds, etc. 

I want to encourage the do-it-yourself spirit that we all had back in the role-playing game halcyon days of yore. To achieve this spirit in other people, I have written a handful of book--or ebooks, rather--which have a lot of lore about portals, new concepts of play based on old adventures, and so on. 

Without further ado:

ULTIMATE Portal Masters Guide
The MOST IMPORTANT PORTALS book and manual you will ever purchase. This is the book for portal masters/ dungeon masters using portals. Seriously, this is the ultimate book written by 9Portals RPG. The author's pride and joy, and contribution to the world of DIY RPGamers! 

Greed Master - Overview
Greed Master is a game in which the DM becomes a quasi-player character himself. Read more about this game package on
Greed Master Entity
A specific entity package for the DM's quasi-player character. 
Greed Master Matrix Documentation
The required matrix documentation for a greedy dungeon master.

A fun game I played with some kids, and developed into a sort of tabletop action strategy game.

A chaotic ride through various maps using the nine portals of power. More of a demonstration of portal routing. The technical documentation is very accurate in this package.
Jump through portals of colossal gravity and size! This is the new sport of dwarves and berserkers across the galaxy. You never know where you'll end up! But the loot and fame is everything! 
Portal Masters Guide original
(For the Portuguese variant, read GUIA DO MESTRE DO PORTAL)
Original concept of the portal guide for the DM. 
The story and lore of the birthplace of the nine cosmic portals of power, which spawned the other lesser portals of the human universe. Fiction. Unedited version. Still a really fun read on the battles between cyborgs on the planet Gaia Saar, and the quest to kill Lord Truul.

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