Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thundarr Parody

One of the fantasy sci-fi cartoons that got me into thinking about role-playing in futuristic apocalyptic worlds was Thundarr the Barbarian. Well, it was a silly show, but I liked it. So, I wrote this short parody of an episode where Thundarr loses his sun sword...

Thundarr loses his sun sword

[Thundarr is sulking. He curses the wizards!]

Ariel: What's the matter, Thundarr?
Thundarr: Those wizards stole my sun sword!
[Ugla cannot help his friend. Feeling useless, he goes over to urinate in a dayglo toxic river]
Ariel: There, there. [patting her companion on the shoulder].
Thundarr: It's no use, Ariel! Without my sun sword I'm useless!
Ariel: That's true, but...
Thundarr: Curse those evil wizards! [sobbing]
Ariel: Oh, don't be such a baby!
[Thundarr looks up from his hands, and stands up]
Thundarr: I'm not a baby! I'm a barbarian!
Ariel: Hey, I know... we can play with your other sword. If you like?
Thundarr: I don't have any other sword, Ariel! And swords are not for playing!
Ariel: Oh, you're such a blonde! Must I spell it out for you? Listen. I'll just sharpen your sword. And if you don't like it, then fuck you!
[Ariel gets on her knees]
Ugla: Arrrarrrrarrhrarrh! [urinating in toxic river, turns to see Ariel before Thundarr]
Thundarr: Lords of light!!!
Ariel: See? I told you you'd feel better.
Thundarr: No, Ariel! Look! Ugla's sword is nearly as big as my leg!
Ariel: Yeah, tell me about--Hey! Watch where you swing tha--
Thundarr: Hoooooo!!!

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