Sunday, October 18, 2015

Diablocleus 1

Rumor only tells that such a diabolical stronghold between the known realms and prime evil exists in the ultimate void, just beyond reach of the chaos moon of Terra-X. The mechanical facility nested in the metallic cube of Terra-X has attracted an asteroid of chaotic powers as its new moon. Mining colonies have unearthed a power from the chaos moon which has enabled them to build the diablocleus, an artificial planet of evil laws, in the name of an ancient and diabolical god. It is said that a 10th greater portal of power has been discovered, and the arch to its evil energies creates a disturbance pattern across all universes, leaking its evil power into the natural realms (those places where natural laws are dominant are gradually subjucated to the powers of the Diablocleus).  Nodes of chaos have become extraordinarily active across all planes where they exist. Chaos wizards have become suddenly much more powerful. Creatures and gods of chaos have seen an increase in thier power over the other forces in the cosmos. Diabolic portals now open randomly of their own upon numerous worlds, suddenly snatching up humans and other sentient beings, consuming the souls of their prey. Somehow, the power of chaos has been coalesced with the prime evil forces of the diabolical planes, thus causing a tear between realms, and ultimately making all other portals of power tremble. All blame for evil is now said to emenate from that nightmarish planet, the Diablocleus.

Other Facts:
The Diablocleus was first mentioned in the book, Portal Crisis: Book of Doors, written by Thomas P. Walton. A complete work of the Diablocleus has yet to be published. 

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