Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Return of the King--of War Gaming and fantasy-adventure!

Gary Gygax influenced my writings for fantasy-adventure gaming.
My portal matrix routers and portal manuals reflect the more retro, rather than the new corporatized system of gaming. Join the DIY spirit of the Dungeons and Dragons heyday. Let the halcyon days of collaborative story-telling return!

Ultimate Portal Masters Guide
The Complete Book of Portals and Routers that walks the game administrator through the lore, history, application, and plotting of portals in any role-playing game. This unique book features a series of control documents and maps for stitching together a solid game.

Threshaven Book 1, origin of the nine portals of power.

Greed Master (Matrix book) book 1
Greed Master is an experimental role-playing game system, wherein the dungeon master (game administrator) contributes more to the collaborative story-telling experience by interacting with the player characters as a pseudo player character himself.

Greed Master (overview manual)

Greed Master Entity Package

Portal Crisis
The first book of adventure using maps.

Smash Portal
Dive through portals of massive size and power. Fight battles against NPC's from all times and dimensions. Use this quick dungeon set of maps and mini plots to remove RPG boredom fast.

The Original Portal Master Guide
Outdated, but a fun book for collectors of low-end art and fun reading.

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