Thursday, October 8, 2015

Vin DnD Retrospect

I wrote this very same topic about six years ago, and today I came across the same video which had originally interested me in writing about Vin Diesel and RPG. So, I just happen to like this topic. And here goes...

Vin DnD, a nickname I made for Vin Diesel about six years ago, has a great video I wanted gamers to see. Here in this video Vin expresses his love of the old school role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. The actor played the game whenever he had the chance, whenever he had time off from work, or right after work. Back in the heyday they would make paper look old by bleaching it out in the sun, to kind of get this scroll looking texture, which the game’s map would then be inscribed upon. That’s a golden memory, as I, too, was playing Dungeons and Dragons back in 1981, and overseas in an international school in Arabia. The memories of the halcyon days is a priceless treasure. And it is good to know that a popular movie star like Diesel finds pleasure in these very same memories. Vin DnD understands the power of the awesome lure of this game of Dungeons and Dragons. Even more so, he understands the benefit of collaborative story-telling. Which is, after-all, what the game is really about.
There is a book on which purports to be the work of the actor, but I will look into it a bit more. The book I refer to is a photo book, with all the written content omitted from the preview app on Whether or not this is the real book is currently unknown to me. However, I've provided a link here for your consideration.

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