Saturday, October 17, 2015

Writing RPG Blog for the First Time in a Blizzard of Life Changes

When I first blogged about Gary Gygax, back in 2008, I had no idea that he was about to pass on from the world. Rather, I had this sudden, and rather intense, passion—almost like a panic attack—to write about the older times (I referred to it as “The Halcyon Days of RPG”). I think that I was on my last leg at the time. Really, the time is sort of a blur to me now, but it was around 2008 in the dead of winter when this terrible blizzard passed over the northern hemisphere of the United States.

The day I sat at my computer to write about retro games, role-playing games, and the halcyon days of collaborative story-telling, I had no intention of selling a book or a game. In fact, being isolated in a small cottage in Washington, the very notion ever playing another game of Dungeons and Dragons was nothing more than a far and distant memory. Never had it crossed my mind that role-playing games were more popular than ever before. Computer games, sure. I remember thinking, Paper-n-dice games are something people just don’t do anymore.  

In 2008, I named my first Blogger banner 9portals, the halcyon days of role-play and fantasy-adventure! I wrote about my first game of Dungeons and Dragons, and about the brother and sister living next door who taught me how to play. It was a hot day in Arabia, and that memory gave me some comfort as I sat shivering by the fireplace in a small cottage in Washington. A blizzard was coming.

... more on this later.

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